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‘Acting and Life’ is about the power

of Acting as a metaphor for everyday life!


This innovative approach involves a process known as knowledge/skill transfer.

In the field of acting, knowledge/skill transfer means applying knowledge and skills

from the field of Acting to everyday life situations.  


For example, in the case of improvisation, this could  help a person become

more adaptable and resourceful in their life.  Another example would be

an actor's ability to empathize with a character's emotions,

which when transferred to everyday life, can help a person become

more aware of their own and others' feelings.


In this book, author Tony Rubbo explores 60 important qualities and life skills

and how to develop or strengthen them by using Acting as a metaphor.

Besides his work with acting communities, Tony has consulted

                       to schools, sports organizations, and businesses, using knowledge/skill transfer extensively to support the missions, visions, and goals

of the organizations and individuals he has served.


Acting and Life can help anyone to develop new insights, perspectives, and abilities

to navigate the opportunities and challenges of daily life.  

So, whether you're a seasoned actor or have never set foot on stage,

this book will help you tap into your innate creativity and discover

a more authentic, joyful, and purposeful way of living.

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