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The Keyholder, presents the practice of Meditation

in a completely new way that is sure to intrigue both the

seasoned meditation practitioner, and all those who are interested in developing or enhancing their practice.

Key in the Lock


This book has two parts. In the first part, The Keyholder,

we follow the story of Aubrey, who meets a magical young girl, Claire, and goes on a remarkable inner journey that involves opening three doors and discovering the extraordinary power of Meditation.


And in the second part, The Keyholder Guide, we become

part of the story, as we discover how to apply the ideas

and methods to our life.


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Meditation by the Beach

If you would like to become part of the story,
and join Aubrey, Shawn, Claire, and all the others
on this magical inner journey,
click the link below to take a next step!

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