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American Football Player


If you are serious about your sport, and you want to use the most effective methods to play your best, you probably know that the practice of meditation is being used by the top athletes and coaches.

Here you'll find information about three books, and why they should be part of your life as an athlete!

- Keyholder Meditation

- The Keyholder

- Key Quest - The Inner Journey of the Entrepreneur 


And if you are a teacher or coach who might be interested in my School-Sports Connection program, please email me for ways that I can be of service.

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Keyholder Meditation is the only meditation practice that actually has the topic of 'Sports' as one of  its training modules. In the book, you will learn how to use all

49 Key Modules of Keyholder Meditation specifically to support your athletic performance, and your life as an athlete. 


You can find more info by going to the 'Books & More' tab at the top of the page and clicking the Keyholder Meditation link.



The Keyholder is a story of a person who learns the practice of meditation from three highly successful professionals, one of them being an athlete. This book will add a whole new level of intrigue regarding your sport and your life as you get to know the characters, relate to them, and become part of the success story by achieving your own success!



If you're not already doing it, thinking like an entrepreneur will up your game tremendously!

As soon as you realize that great athletes can profit from the name, image, and likeness, you will find a whole new level of motivation to be great! Key Quest - The Inner Journey of the Entrepreneur is just the book for you as it also features all of it content in the form of 12 entrepreneurial games! And you might also have an entrepreneurial interest like the many athletes that have created their own brands. 



There is a whole section in the book, Keyholder Meditation that is devoted to developing friends, contacts, and networking with other people who are using the practice of meditation for practical reasons. If you use the ideas in the book to grow your own support group or network, feel free to email me and I will send you materials to support you in your campaigns, projects, etc.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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