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Meditation Class


Hello, my friends in meditation! Currently I have three books that can be very useful to you, and one opportunity that might interest you. So below you will find some relevant information on the following three books and how they can fit perfectly into your life to support the precise life that you want to live. 



- Keyholder Meditation

- The Keyholder

- Key Quest - The Inner Journey of the Entrepreneur 


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Keyholder Meditation


Keyholder Meditation is about achieving Mastery in the practice of meditation. This means not only mystery and you're sitting meditation but also bringing the practice into your everyday world to achieve your ideal life.


With its  its comprehensive construct, you can integrate any other information you find on meditation into it so you practice will be economically efficient and precise. You won't waste time and you will feel completely unified in your perfect practice. 


You can find more info by going to the 'Books & More' tab at the top of the page and clicking the Keyholder Meditation link.

The Keyholder


The Keyholder presents the practice of meditation in an engaging story about a person who meets a mysterious little girl who introduces her to three very successful people. These three people attribute to success to finding 'a key', and reveal how to use the key to open three doors. The Keyholder has a magical quality. It's a quick and easy read, and you will want to re-read it time and again to bring its magic into your life. 

Key Quest


You're here, so I know you are interested in Meditation! Now, if you're also an entrepreneur or have the entrepreneurial spirit (have a sense of purpose and the spirit of helping others), I feel safe saying that you will absolutely love

Key Quest - The Inner Journey of the Entrepreneur! 

And besides being an amazing 'curriculum' to assure your success as an entrepreneur, you will also find all of it content featured 12 entrepreneurial games so that you can connect with family, friends, associates, etc. in game activities that will be fun for all, and especially helpful to your brand and your development! 



As a meditation teacher, I have found that meditators usually operate on a higher plane, and benefit from connections and friendships who share this quality. There is a whole section in the book, Keyholder Meditation that is devoted to developing friends, contacts, and networking with other people who value the practice of meditation for its many uses and benefits. If you use the ideas from the book and grow your own support group or network, feel free to email me and I will send you materials to support you in your campaigns, projects, etc.


I'm always looking for new

and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

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