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When you blend the power of Meditation with the power of Entrepreneurship,

it opens a door to a dimension of reality that many never experience.


As an entrepreneur who meditates,

you can have access to that reality. 


The magic of the book, Key Quest -

The Inner Journey of the Entrepreneur

is that it represents the key to the door.  


Below I share more about Key Quest,

and two other books that you might also like to have in your collection.


You have so much more going for you than you might imagine being an entrepreneur who meditates.

Like all success, entrepreneurial success is all about developing inner qualities that are expressed in one's outer reality. With your meditation practice, you can go deeper than most to find answers that many never even realize exist. 

Key Quest shows you the way, as it lays out the inner journey in a format unlike any other book. And all of its content is also represented in 12 entrepreneur games so that you can enjoy bringing the spirit of  play into the real-world, making your life

as an entrepreneur fun, exciting, and of course, highly successful! 



Once you experience the magic of Key Quest and see the direct connection between your using the book and your success, you may want to go even deeper into your practice of meditation.

Keyholder Meditation is a meditation practice like no other. In the same way that Key Quest

is more like a curriculum for the serious entrepreneur, the practice of Keyholder Meditation is a curriculum for the serious meditator. So if you are just as serious about your inner practice of meditation as your are about your life as a successful entrepreneur, adding this book will take you even further into that inner dimension of reality that can only be accessed through inner practice. 


The Keyholder is a story of a person who learns the practice of meditation from three highly successful professionals, one of them being an entrepreneur.


This book will add a whole new level of intrigue regarding your entrepreneurial journey band your life as you get to know the characters, relate to them, and become part of the success story by achieving your own success!


As an entrepreneur who meditates, is committed to their purpose, and is In the spirit of helping others, you may also be interested in being part of a community of entrepreneurs who share your values of making the world a better place.


There are a number of entrepreneurial communities, and you can find one or more that feel right for you. You can also form or join a Keyholders community that applies ideas from this book, practices Keyholder Meditation, engages in the Key Quest games, etc.  

Please feel free to email me for support in forming or growing your group.

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