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There are a number

of Entrepreneur programs

offered at universities.


Imagine an Entrepreneur curriculum

all packaged in a book that integrates

the practice of Meditation into your learning.


And imagine that all the content of the book is also

featured in 12 entrepreneurial games, so you can bring

what you learn into the real-world game of entrepreneurship.


                                        Welcome to Key Quest! 

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A Blend of Entrepreneurship

and Meditation

When you blend the many benefits of meditation with the many benefits of being an entrepreneur, the combination opens a powerful door to your inner self. And when you exist both within the inner dimension of meditative insight and the outer dimension of your everyday goals, an intriguing effect occurs. Essentially, a new multi-dimensional reality is created in which you no longer have to try to ‘succeed’. Success happens as a natural process emerging from your discovering your inner purpose and following your personal destiny.

Key Quest is your guide through this reality.

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The 10 Parts of the Book


Here are the 10 parts of Key Quest -

The Inner Journey of the Entrepreneur: 

1. Preparing for your Inner Journey,

2. The Key Quest Success Map,

3. The Four Rings of Positive Influence,

4. Keyholder Meditation for Entrepreneurs,

5. Your Brand Venture,

6. Key Points on your Journey,

7. Key Topics,

8. Key Insights,

9. Key Qualities,

10. The Inner Journey of the Entrepreneur.

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The Key Quest Games


The key ideas of the book are also presented in the 12 Key Quest Entrepreneurial Games - perfect for partnering, teambuilding, and growing your brand. ‘Gamification’ is a widely respected practice, used to support achievement in business, education, and many other fields. Key Quest Game titles include: Time Portal, The Inner Marathon, Search for Hidden Treasure, Key Quotes, The Eternal Clock, The Keys to Adventure, and more.

And as the founder of Keyholder Meditation, I have also included a special meditation practice for you as an entrepreneur, with its modules including the topics of: Goal-Setting, Planning, Organization, Time-Management, Skill-Development, Problem-Solving, Communication, Self-Presentation, Synergy, Leadership, Positivity, and the Spirit of Helping Others.

If you would like to open the doors

to your full potential as an entrepreneur,

click the link below to take a next step!

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