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As an influencer or celebrity who is aware of our cultural trends, you already know the extraordinary popularity and power of Meditation. And its popularity is predicted to continue to grow

in the years ahead.


So, below you'll find three books and an opportunity, and how they can be particularly supportive to the development and success

of your personal brand.

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Keyholder Meditation


The life of an influencer or celebrity is a fascinating one. There are vast possibilities and opportunities, so the ability to access one's inner calm focus is so valuable to navigate the unchartered waters of possibility. Keyholder Meditation is the only practice of its kind that also features those areas of life that are most important to the influencer or celebrity.


With your savvy, intelligence, and intuition, you will instantly recognize how you can use the Keyholder system to assure your success and status in your field. You are a master of media and so you deserve a brand of meditation that is all about mastery. You deserve to have Keyholder Meditation

in your life.


You can find more info by going to the 'Books & More' tab at the top of the page and clicking the Keyholder Meditation link.

The Keyholder


The Keyholder is a story of a person who learns the practice of meditation from three influential celebrities.  So, you will feel right at home getting to know the characters and imagining yourself part of the story. And so, you will be able to use the story creatively and experience yourself as the iconic personality you are or aspire to be. 


You can find more info by going to the 'Books & More' tab at the top of the page and clicking the link, The Keyholder.

Key Quest


More than anyone, influencers and celebrities know the value and power of having a personal brand. Once you have defined it and honed it's sensibilities, you begin to share it with others. Then, as others get to know your brand, your exposure grows until you become well known.


Supporting your outer journey of becoming known in the world and becoming a household name is your inner journey that the most successful influencers and celebrities know so well. And at its foundation is the inner journey of the entrepreneur with one's commitment to their personal brand and their spirit of helping others.


So, whenever you are wondering how to make the next step, whether it is growing 1,000 followers to 10,000, or a million views to 10 million or more, look through the pages of Key Quest, and you'll find the kinds of answers and guidance that will precisely align to your meditative spirit. And with your celebrity nature, you will love the reality show feeling of the 12 Key Quest entrepreneurial games! 


You can find more info by going to the 'Books & More' tab at the top of the page and clicking the Key Quest link.



There is a whole section in the book, Keyholder Meditation that is devoted to developing friends, contacts, and networking with other people who are using the practice of meditation for practical reasons. If you use the ideas and grow your own support group or network to support your personal brand, feel free to email me and I will send you materials to support you in your campaigns, projects, etc.


Also, if you are particularly entrepreneurial as an influencer or celebrity, I have a few possibilities that I'm sure will interest you. Again, just email me at to begin a conversation.

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