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Meditation Class

Meditation Teachers

If you are a meditation teacher, or a meditator who is feels ready to start teaching, I am offering for you to use the Keyholder Meditation system to bring to your clients or to begin your teaching. There are no fees involved. The only thing you need

to do is purchase as copy of the book, Keyholder Meditation,

and have your clients or students purchase it. And in the process,

I can also provide one-to-one support through email or phone.


If you might be interested, below you will find more info

on the three books that will help you to grow your brand

as a meditation teacher.



First there is the book on the system itself. With its 49 Key Modules arranged in 8 Life Dimensions, the book, Keyholder Meditation will provide you with a reliable system.


It's all laid out in a sequential developmental progression, so you can serve clients for as long as they want to continue learning.


With your own experience in Meditation, it will be easy for you to teach, and so enjoyable for you to interact with your clients based on the clear Key Ideas, Insights and Guidelines of the program. Whether in person or in video conferencing, the format works equally well. With a group, you can move them along with general lessons. With individuals, you can adapt the content to their personal sensibilities, goals, etc.

What satisfaction and enjoyment you can experience, not to mention, the financial rewards when you add Keyholder Meditation to your services! 



Your clients can also take a quick deep dive into the practice of Meditation with the quick-read novella, The Keyholder.


With only 76 pages, and in a large font, the book can be read in one sitting. It will give them both the foundation and the motivation to stay committed as they advance through their practice.

The Keyholder will add a whole new level of intrigue regarding the practice of meditation for your clients as they get to know the characters, relate to them, and become part of the success story by achieving their own success!


And they will most likely reread the book time and again to revisit the many positive feelings they experience with it!



There are two ways that the book,

Key Quest - The Inner Journey of the Entrepreneur can support your meditation teaching practice. First, there is the fact that your teaching is an entrepreneurial pursuit. So, what better way to develop your meditation teaching practice than a book that blends meditation and entrepreneurship!

Second, you can bring its ideas to your clients! According to Entrepreneur Magazine, more than one in five Americans (22%) strongly identify themselves as entrepreneurs. And chances are, there will be a good number of people from this intelligent and proactive population that will interested in having a formal training in the practice of meditation. 



If you want to scale your teaching practice, we can also talk about ideas to support your expansion.


One example is reaching out to celebrities, as in actors and athletes, and other influential people such as business leaders and school teachers. In this regard, the three books share an integrated


In the book, Keyholder Meditation, there's a section that addresses these four kinds of professionals - the teacher, the athlete, the actor, and the business professional. Then in the story, The Keyholder, the main character is a teacher who meets three successful professionals - a championship athlete, a famous actress, and a renowned business leader. And regarding the book, Key Quest - The Inner Journey of the Entrepreneur, you can internet search almost any profession and connect it with entrepreneurship, and you will find guidelines on how the profession can benefit with an entrepreneurial approach. 

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