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As the founder of Keyholder Meditation, I've brought the practice to thousands of people in the fields of Education, Business, Sports, the Performing Arts, and more!

Here is the best way I can explain the practice 


Imagine all the doors that can be opened in your life.

Now, imagine each door opening you to a new possibility,

a new reality, a new positive experience.



And now, imagine that you are the keyholder,

and you can unlock any of the doors,

and live the exact life you want to live.

Welcome to Keyholder Meditation! 

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Who is keyholder meditation for?

It’s become popular for meditation methods to claim that their approach is for everyone. Although the Keyholder system can be for anyone, it is especially for those high performing, positive-principled people who want to reach a higher level in their meditation practice. It is for those who want something more analogous to a masters program curriculum, with the goal of  seeing extraordinary benefits of meditation show up in their everyday life. The entire book is structured with this university curriculum idea in mind, beginning with the section titled, Orientation rather than the more common titles of Preface or Introduction.

A Practical
training system

It’s also become popular to think that meditation is about doing nothing. Keyholder Meditation is not about doing nothing.

If anything, it’s more like a sport that involves specific training, producing actual specific results you can see in your practice and in your life. On the sports note, I’ve also worked in sports. One of the many books I’ve written is one with a Superbowl veteran from

the only undefeated team in NFL history. So, you may find Keyholder Meditation to be unlike any other approach in the precise way I coach you through the key elements of this 300-page book, with its Key Areas, Key Dimensions, Key Modules, and much more key content!

the key theme

A perfect meditation symbol is found in the popular ‘key’ metaphor – as in a key that can unlock all of its many documented benefits. For example, a key to inner calm, a key to happiness, a key to success, etc. Also, there is the idea of a key opening a door. On that note, you’ll find that every Key Module begins with the words, Open the door to (followed by a trait or quality developed in the module.) And back to the idea of a key unlocking something, we have phrases like unlock one’s potential, unlock your mind, unlock your destiny, etc.

There are 49 Key Modules in Keyholder Meditation, divided into eight Key Dimensions and three Key Areas. The first Key Area is Inner Practice. The second is Outer Practice, where you learn to bring the qualities of Inner Practice into various life situations. And the third Key Area is Practice Integration, where you fully integrate the qualities and benefits of Inner and Outer Practice into specific areas to achieve a kind of mastery that few realize.

an interesting feature

An interesting feature of Keyholder Meditation is that every Key Module topic begins with the same letter – the letter, ‘S’, which will make the module names easier to remember. You’ll discover how this mnemonic feature came about in the book.


Now, with the growing studies and reports from the most credible sources, it seems that the practice of meditation can support almost every area of life. With every topic of Keyholder Meditation beginning with the letter, ‘S’, I was therefore surprised and pleased when I discovered that the symbolic meaning of the letter ‘S’ from our original Phoenician alphabet was

‘to support.’

If you would like to possess this 'key'

to open the doors to new possibilities in your life,

click the link below to take a next step!

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