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What People are Saying 

Here are comments from people regarding my books

and programs based on my books

The books referenced here are:


  • Key Quest - The Inner Journey of the Entrepreneur

  • Keyholder Meditation

  • The School-Sports Connection

  • UPLAND - The Land of Unlimited Possibilities

  • The Journey (audio-program with guidebook)

  • The 'WIN-WIN' Book

  • 'Walk in your own Shoes'


(If you are interested in reading more commentary, please revisit this page,

as more quotes and comments will be added regarding my other books and works.)

Key Quest - The Inner Journey of the Entrepreneur


I feel that Key Quest - The Inner Journey of the Entrepreneur was created just for me. We are a small company in the business of helping others, and have desires to grow and bring our products to the masses. Key Quest came to me at the exact moment we needed it. The Key Quest games have helped me to bring out and cultivate my own ideas. Setting and reaching ambitious goals are not as daunting as they seem when you follow the Key Quest Success Map and hit one level at a time. It has helped us to define and organize our vision and has given us the blueprint for as much success as we are willing to work for. We now have the plan to reach our target market in mass.


Using the Key Modules like Organization and Time-Management has made life less hectic and more efficient. And with the book's practice of Keyholder Meditation for Entrepreneurs and the motivation of truly helping others with our products, I can now see my story playing out the way I designed it, with me as the main character. I am no longer frustrated by problems, and am sincerely grateful for the learning experiences. It helps me see future issues and problems, and stop them from happening.


The value is in the system, and I now have the confidence in growing, expanding, and maturing our business. Key Quest has laid the plan out before me; and with some motivation and work ethic there will be no excuse not to reach my goals.


Forever Grateful,

Our Souls Shine (Healthy Gourmet Food)

Keyholder Meditation


I've brought the practice of meditation, based on my book, Keyholder Meditation to thousands of people in education, business, sports, and the performing arts.


Here are comments from the participants of a meditation workshop that 

I provided for one of the world's largest global advisors, currently managing

over four trillion dollars in assets.  After the workshop, they shared why regular meditation practice would be valuable for them. Here's what they said:

I believe that meditation will help to reduce the overall levels of stress

and help manage my day with multitasking. Able to cope with

ever increasing work demands.

I would like to have this at the job site since most of the jobs here

are very stressful. This can be carried over to our personal life.

Tony could help with focus and general stress,

company culture, general health, work quality and output.

Recent blood work showed that I have increased cortisol levels.

I want to reduce stress to keep myself healthy and keep energy levels up.

Meditation will help create a more positive feel on our floor.

I would like to create a culture in our office of less stress between groups

and create more harmony = increased productivity.

​I think on site meditation sessions would be beneficial for the practices it can offer in terms of achieving self control of thoughts which affect one's overall attitude. Maintaining the right attitude means everything in the workplace and is often lost with corporate changes in direction and how individuals feel they are viewed.

This would be great to bring meditation to our office to assist with stress

here at the workplace plus assist employees with their own personal issues

which are often brought into the workplace, and vice versa. 

Better manage stress and stressful environment.

I believe people could be more productive

when meditating opportunities are provided.

I would like to learn how to maintain a mental energy

for working later in the evening.  Be able to focus more.

Reduce stress. Learn how to balance issues.

Meditation would be helpful to get through the day

and deal with all of the stress throughout the day.

The idea of having a class within the company will give the option

of a structured break for an individual to participate. This will give the person

the time to reflect on an issue or concern to be addressed more effectively

when a solution is needed within the day!

Managing various personalities, challenges related to cultures, and characters.
Multitasking and managing a family at a full time job. Staying focused.

Making time for employees makes employees value the work/employer.

The School-Sports Connection


Here is a quote from an MLB player whose many accomplishments

and records include making a staggering 19 All-Star games,

and playing the most consecutive games in Major League Baseball:


"The lessons in The School-Sports Connection make a great connection between the locker room and the classroom. There are so many valuable lessons in the world of sports that translates to our everyday life; and by pointing these out and focusing on them, the students will benefit from those lessons."    Cal Ripken, Jr.

And here are comments from leaders in different fields:

Sports (Coach)

“I read the first page of The School-Sports Connection, then the second, the third  . . . and couldn’t put it down until I finished it. It represents how I feel as a coach and a father. Every word of this book is valuable if you are interested or involved in supporting our youth’s character development.”


“It combines two great institutions of our society – Education and Sports in a way that has never been done.”



“It’s reference (sports) appeals to the widest population of any youth or adult positive reference.”



“It has the power to transform students’ lives."


Education (High School Principal)

"The School-Sports Connection “reaches” young people because it talks their language regarding positive values, and the traits and skills to live a life of integrity, and to succeed in their endeavors both in school and in their future.”


Guidance (School Counselor)

"This is an extraordinary youth development book. I’m looking forward to having School-Sports Connection workshops at our school."


UPLAND - The Land of Unlimited Possibilities


The following are quotes from teachers regarding

the ten essential traits, featured as superpowers,

in my youth fiction book, UPLAND - The Land of Unlimited Possibilities.



Fourth Grade Teacher

The 10 Essential Traits help young people to become better learners,

and also to be able to deal with a variety of situations as they interact with students, with family members, and in society in general.


Fifth Grade Teacher

The 10 Essential Traits support a student in developing positive school behavior,

better listening skills, and becoming a better person in general.


Sixth Grade Teacher

The 10 Essential Traits are necessary for academic and social success

as students participate in middle school years and go beyond into their high school years.


Seventh Grade Teacher

I would be interested in being part of a team for the school to adopt

the 10 Essential Traits as the foundation of a school-wide standardized

behavior model for all of our students.


Eighth Grade Teacher

The 10 Essential Traits prepare a student to set out into the larger setting

of high school – to take responsibility for what they are learning,

as well as the kind of person they are becoming.


Fifth through Eighth Grade Computer Teacher

I felt that the 10 Essential Traits Program was the most beneficial of

the three classroom management workshops that the teachers were offered.

I feel that these traits should be part of a program that is implemented throughout the school.


Fifth through Eighth Grade Art Teacher

The 10 Essential Traits are applicable to MY OWN life experiences and they

are worthwhile to teach to my students . . . for all of us to be more successful

in school and in life.


Health and Physical Education Teacher

The techniques and methods that Tony presented are useful and can be

applied to any classroom. Tony taught us about the 10 Essential Traits,

which is a great way to stay on task and remember

the real meaning of education.


Seventh and Eighth Grade Technology Teacher

10 Essential Traits method is productive in analyzing areas of student needs

in the classroom and develop strategies to deal with them, We were able

to focus on what makes a class good as well as identify many distracters.

The Journey


Here is a comprehensive account from a person who used my audio-program,

The Journey and its companion eBook, The Journey Guidebook.


"I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes. Although I know this dis-ease can have a serious impact on my body, I also know that I can take charge through diet, exercise, and meditation. About the same time as the diagnosis

I was introduced to ‘The Journey’. One afternoon, I listened to the entire CD

and then it was time for my afternoon blood sugar – 91!!! The lowest it has ever been. I know this had to do with the state I experienced in the process of taking ‘The Journey’   My guidance – take The Journey, and turn your life around. Health is a gift we give ourselves!!


Truthfully I was shocked by the effect because my numbers had never been so low. What could have done this? I had a CD and I relaxed my body, learned what the stressors really were in my life, and then listened to the most amazing affirmations about who I really am! Was this blood sugar reading an accident?


Since my diagnosis with Type II diabetes, I had been counting carbs and really paying attention to the foods that I ate. I was going out for walks and riding an exercise bike and my numbers stayed in the 110-135 range. I knew that I was managing my dis-ease without medication but I still wondered what else I could do to really take care of myself and my body, mind and spirit. Maybe this was a one time happening. I decided to experiment further.


Every day for a week, I set my goal and listened to the entire Journey CD. If my health was being challenged, sitting still and listening to The Journey CD for about an hour, tuning in to my body, becoming aware of what the stressors were in my life and learning to live in the present moment was not too much to ask of myself. Through the deep breathing and body awareness, I was relaxing, really relaxing – staying in the moment and truly understanding what I needed to care for myself. I was also learning that within me was a source of truth and trust – if this was such a ‘simple’ process, maybe it could affect other areas of my life?!


The experiment was a success and although the numbers were not as low as the first time, there is a ‘substantial' change in my blood sugar readings,

how my body feels, and how I feel about myself.

The 'WIN-WIN' Book


Here are a couple stories with commentary regarding the WIN-WIN Program,

based on The 'WIN-WIN' Book.

The county liaison to education who approved the program brought together 14 of the highest performing high school student leaders throughout the county to participate.

She sat in on the program. At the end, she said she had never seen these students speak and interact in the powerful way they did in the workshop. She said that every school and child should have the opportunity to experience this process.

A high school principal sat in on the program and asked us to provide her with the names of students who chose certain topics that would indicate the need for counseling. She thought it was a great program. There was a student who went from being painfully introverted to becoming instantly popular and confident with the entire class. Such transformations occurred often in the program.


'Walk in your own Shoes'


Here are some comments from adults, young people, and parent-child teams

after 'doing the walk' from the book, 'Walk in your own Shoes'.


Each quote is followed by a reference regarding the person/people commenting.

“This will help me to stop being negative and actually follow my dreams and be the best I can be. When you know your goals and values that you truly cherish – that is what is going to motivate you to be the best she can be. My family will really benefit. An example is my cousin. He has ADHD and he is really smart, but because some things don’t interest him as much, he is looked down on as a problem child. I want him to find his strengths, so he will feel good and confident about himself. Confidence will rise and stars will be born.” (Age 29)

“It will simplify what you need in life, to help not feel overwhelmed and helpless. 
It will give you one thing to focus on that would change your life and affect how you 
tackle challenges.” (Age 25) 

“It helps and lets me realize that no matter what happens, no matter who gets in the way, I have to go around it to reach my goals. I can’t let negative things or time get in the way of what I know I can do. This just made me realize I’m not using every moment

I have in a wise way, and I definitely know I can.”  (Age 19)

“I believe this process will bring something incredible changes into my life. It gives everyone the chance to sit back and actually think about what they want to improve on, and just what will make them happier!!” (Age 19)

“By doing this process, my family members as well as my friends will understand

each other better because they will find out what is most important to each person. Every person has a different mindset, and therefore different priorities; and by discovering which we value the most, it will create harmony and appreciation

among the household, and society as a whole.” (A parent and 17 year old child)

“I think it will help people figure out what they need to focus on in life to improve their life. This exercise forces us to take a good look at our daily lifestyles, and see if the path we are on will help us to last many more years, or if we need to change.”  

(A parent and 17 year old child)


“Using this, my grades would go up and I won’t have to repeat any grades! 

I appreciate and know this will help families connect and open up communications between them. From the children’s perspective, it opens up how they feel and think.” 

(A parent and 14 year old child)


“It helps people set up their life to understand what they need to do, and how to improve. It encourages people to speak out and recognize what may need to be done in order

to achieve this. It will make people happier with themselves. It will help me and others realize qualities, and understand what is most important to them.” 

(A parent and 13 year old child)


“The child and parent can more clearly see understand each other’s priorities 

and perceived strengths and weaknesses. It gives a roadmap to reach goals

in incremental steps.” (A parent and 11 year old child)

“This process helps me to pinpoint my most important weaknesses, so I may work on them to make myself a better me. If I were to share this with my family, it would

help them as well.”  (A parent and 11 year old child) 

“This process will bring many things into my life, such as being on time and time management. This would also bring benefits to my friends and family

because they would know that they can rely on me to do things on time.” 

(A parent and 11 year old child)

“I think the process brings out feelings we didn’t realize. The goal-oriented part

is a great way to feel rewarded at a certain point. I feel this is a great way to start communications within the family.” (A parent and 10 year old child)

“It will help me try new things and set more goals. It can help me in school and in the sports I play. It could also help me and a lot more people. It will help me to live in the present and never look back, always look forward.” (A parent and 10 year old child) 
“This program will benefit many families of many cultures. The system has common situations that we have all encountered and help us grow. This program will be of great 
benefit to families because of the process and how it is arranged. This program is 
great to bring families together and help them grow.”

(A parent and 10 year old twin siblings)

“The value of knowing your/one’s priorities is going to bring joy, happiness,

and fulfillment to your life, which equals success in every aspect.” 
parent and 9 year old child)
“It builds self-esteem, helps me improve my life, and strengthens my values.

It helps me to be more calm when I have to talk in front of people such as directors and 
agents. I want to spread the message of this to others.” (A
parent and 9 year old child) 
“This will help a person to become marketable, to generate income and satisfaction,

to believe in him or herself.”  (A parent and 7 year old child


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