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Helping Schools

In these challenging times, there is a call to help schools in any way we can. With my background, I have a deep commitment to answering that call.

You see, I've worked with hundreds of teachers and thousands of students in over 20 schools

and organizations in my role as an educational consultant. 

So, I'm offering the books and programs below at unusually low prices. For example, schools have paid between $900 and $1100 for my teacher-researched '10 Essential Traits Workshop'. And here, I'm providing the book for you to bring it into your classrooms for $5.95. 

If you are a school administrator, teacher, or educational professional, please email me if you like to receive my ancillary consulting supporting implementation at no cost.

And if you are someone who would like to join in on this kind of work, please also email me.

My email is


Meditation in Schools

A quick internet search for 'meditation in schools' will reveal how valuable the practice is becoming.


My book, The Keyholder, is about a teacher who learns the practice of Meditation, and derives great benefits from it. In the story, she also brings it into the classroom, and her students also benefit. With teachers and students currently stressed over what is happening in some of our schools, this can help you to keep things calm, reduce stress for yourself, and bring a practice to your students that is recognized for its many benefits. I am willing to donate some copies of The Keyholder for teachers who are interested.


Visit The Keyholder page under the Books & More

tab at the top of the page for book details.


Stressed Woman

Instant Stress Relief for the Teacher

Progressive relaxation is a process where you bring yourself to a state of inner calm by relaxing parts of your body in a step-by-step sequence. In my Progressive Relaxation audio, you will be guided by a soft female voice through the process.


This audio is part of my audio program, The Journey. You can get some idea of its value by going to the Books & More tab at the top of the page and clicking the 'What people are saying' link. 


The idea is to download the audio file to your phone or device. Then when you are feeling stressed and want to relax and recharge, find a quiet or private space to sit, put in your earbuds, and give yourself the break you deserve to make your day … and your life … better. 

Black and White Students

Identifying and Supporting Troubled Students

In these challenging times. more than ever we want our children to safe attending school. Between suicide and school shootings, young people's lives are being lost in the most tragic of ways. What if we could identify problems that lead to young people harming themselves or harming others?

I designed a school program in which students discover their inner thoughts and feelings regarding themselves and life. Two memories stand out for me in my work with the program.


It was discovered that one student was performing acts of self-harm and felt hopeless about life. And the other memory is of a student who felt totally socially isolated. Their involvement in the program led to very positive outcomes for themselves, their parents, and their classmates. 


In my book, Identifying and Supporting Troubled Students, you will have a way to identify students regarding what they are feeling about themselves and about their life, with guidelines on how to help students who exhibit five kinds of challenging behaviors.​


Please email me if you would like to receive a pdf version of the book.

English Teacher

The 10 Essential Traits Workshop

Here's a workshop that schools have paid between $900 and $1100 to provide for their teachers. And so,

it became a mandated program for schools. It's about 10 traits and skills that support a successful school life.  If you like the idea of the program, I can send you a pdf version that outlines the important points, so you can bring it into your classroom.


Here are three comments from teachers regarding the 10 Essential Traits Workshop:


Fourth Grade Teacher

The 10 Essential Traits help young people to become better learners, and also to be able to deal with a variety of situations as they interact with students, with family members, and in society in general. 


Seventh Grade Teacher

I would be interested in being part of a team for the school to adopt the 10 Essential Traits as the foundation of a school-wide standardized

behavior model for all of our students.


Fifth through Eighth Grade Art Teacher

The 10 Essential Traits are applicable to MY OWN life experiences and they are worthwhile to teach to my students . . . for all of us to be more successful in school and in life.


To see all the teachers' comments' please go to the 'Books and More' tab at the top of the page, and click the 'What people are saying' link.  

Hands Raised

Proactive Classroom Management

My Proactive Classroom Management Program,

or PCM, is an approach focused on students developing positive behavioral skills and their rewards, rather than negative behavior and punishment.

In my work in schools, I have observed many classrooms and have noted the same exact strengths and challenges in all of them. From notes of these observations, I developed the PCM Program.

The PCM Program is for you if:

- you feel that they are spending too much time on discipline in your classroom, and that it is interfering with your teaching time.

- you want to learn a method for teaching positive behavioral traits and skills to your students, so you won’t have to spend so much time on discipline.


In this way, you can feel as though you are always being a teacher, rather than a part-time teacher and a part-time disciplinarian.

Sporty Teens

Sports Lessons for the Classroom

Use sports ideas and metaphors to support your students' school life success with a free pdf version of my book, The School-Sports Connection. 


I saw the power of this idea when I was working as an educational consultant, and a principal asked if I could help in a situation where a student was about to be expelled over an incident involving him and another student.

I spoke with the student and used an idea from basketball to make a sports connection, showing how he could 'win' in the situation while not being expelled. He immediately calmed down and returned to his classroom. And all was well.

I was amazed at how quickly he regained his composure after hearing the sports idea.

And here is a quote from an MLB player whose many accomplishments and records include making a staggering 19 All-Star games, and playing the most consecutive games in Major League Baseball:


"The lessons in The School-Sports Connection make a great connection between the locker room and the classroom. There are so many valuable lessons in the world of sports that translates to our everyday life; and by pointing these out and focusing on them, the students will benefit from those lessons."   

Cal Ripken, Jr.

For more comments from leaders in different fields, go to the Books & More tab at the top of the page and click the 'What people are saying' link.

We are finding new heroes as we face new challenges.

The teacher is one of our heroes.

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