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Clapping Audience
Star Formation

Future Works

Here you'll find my projects that

are in various stages of completion. 


Please email me if you have an idea

for a future collaboration!

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Red Landscape

The Keyholder Books Series

The Keyholder

Keyholder Meditation

Key Quest 

Keynotes on Inner States of Being

Keynotes on Purpose and

the Spirit of Helping Others

Starry Sky

Life Skills & Self-Help Books

Dude Health

'Walk in your own Shoes'

The 'WIN-WIN' Book

The School-Sports Connection

UPLAND - The Land of Unlimited Possibilities (youth fiction)

The Journey Guidebook

The Superhero Guidebook - for Young Superheroes (youth nonfiction)



The Walking Road 

The Framework of Illusion

The Secret Identities

of Love and Spirit

Star Stone!

Blue Sky


The Walking Road (Story w/Lyrics)

The Framework of Illusion  

(Story w/Lyrics)

​The Journey to UPLAND (Play)

UPLANDERS (TV Series Pilot)

​The Keyholder (Play)

​The Walking Road (Music Album)

The Framework of Illusion

(Music Album)

The Journey (Audio)


I'm always looking for new

and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

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